TNERC invites comments/suggestions on the Tamil Nadu Solar Policy 2012

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission(TNERC) has released a consultative paper on “Order on Issues related to Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012”. In this paper, the following issues are highlighted for discussions and comments/suggestions are invited on the following topics. The last date for submission of comments is 28th December 2012.
a. Solar Purchase Obligation(SPO) as mentioned in the Tamil Nadu Solar policy 2012, especially regarding the 3% SPO till December 2013 and 6% from January 2014
b. Net metering – Comments invited from stakeholders on the tariff to be adopted for net-metering.
c. LT Metering – This relates to the standards for inverters, harmonics standards, synchronization to the grid,
safety/protection norms etc
d. Renewable Energy Certificates(RECs) – This relates to the process of accreditation, issuance and trading of REC for the Solar generators established in Tamil Nadu.
The consultative paper can be accessed here.
PS : According the TNERC, another consultative paper will be issued soon and it will deal with the following issues.
(a) Banking mechanism
(b) Transmission and Wheeling charges
(c) Cross subsidy surcharge
(d) CDM benefits
(e) Reactive power charges
(f) Grid availability charges
(g) Adjustment of generated energy for captive use
(h) Scheduling and system operation charges
(i) Application and agreement fees
(j) Billing and payment
(k) Payment security and security deposit
(l) Energy Purchase and Wheeling Agreement
(m) Scheduling of Solar energy / UI mechanism
(n) Applicability of Merit Order
(o) Harmonics
(p) Evacuation of power
(q) Any other issues
Stay tuned!!
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