Kerala 10,000 Solar PV Rooftop Programme – List of empanelled installers announced

Kerala, which launched a unique off-grid solar rooftop programme known as 10,000 Solar Rooftop Programme(more details here), has announced a list of 14 companies that are eligible to install these rooftop systems. Kerala is among the first states to opt for a Rooftop PV programme. The others include Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu apart from MNRE through Solar Energy Corporation Ltd.
Some of these companies include Tata Power Solar systems, Su-Kam, Luminous, Waaree Energies and Chemtrols, among others.
For those not familiar with the programme, households interested in putting up Solar PV systems(of 1 kWp – off-grid) can apply to the state nodal agency, ANERT. The households will get the 30% subsidy from MNRE and in addition, another Rs. 39,000 from the Government of Kerala through ANERT. (More details at the ANERT website here). As of January 18, 2013, a total of 4705 applications for these systems have been received by ANERT. These applicants can now chose one from the list of 14 companies to install their rooftops.
The empanelled installers were selected based on a bidding process, the details of which are available below.

Empanelled installers

The notification is available at the ANERT website here.
The instruction for the households who have applied to ANERT to avail the subsidies are available in Malayalam. The English translation is given below.
1. Applicants to select one company from the above list of 14. After site survey, give a work order(WO) and get into a contract with the selected company.
2. Submit the preliminary site survey report, Work Order(WO) and contract to ANERT’s district office.
3. Complete the installation and commissioning within 45 days of release of Work Order(WO).
4. After completion, the applicant should submit the commissioning report, undertaking and a letter authorizing the installer to receive the subsidies to ANERT’s district office.
5. ANERT will release the subsidy after inspection of the system by the officials.
ANERT will be conducting an orientation programme and exhibition for the applicants in all 14 districts of Kerala.
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8 thoughts on “Kerala 10,000 Solar PV Rooftop Programme – List of empanelled installers announced”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for that informative blog. However, i am unclear about the business model.
    What will be the revenue sharing agreement between developer and household?

    1. @Richa – The household will get the subsidy and then generate and consume electricity for free for the lifetime of the system. (some replacements will be there)
      The household is also the developer.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Hello Kutty,
    A rooftop PV plant does not increase the risk of lighting strike without lighting protection. To reduce the damage during a direct strike a potential equalization (PE) is always required and this is recommended to run outside the building, sometimes even DC cables are run outside the building while connecting to the grid/inverter.
    But as per safety standards it is good to install a lightning arrestor in tall buildings and system with higher capacity. It is also good to ground the solar panel frames to avoid shock (this is usually neglected by the installers).

  3. Mohamed Arakkal

    I want to know the details of a system to be installed in a house, where average monthly consumption of electricity is 200 units. The cost involved may also be intimated, if you can.

  4. I want to know the cost of a roof-top domestic solar power system of 2 kw capacity. Suppose I also want heat pump for heating about 65 litres of water per day included, what will be cost? Urgent.

  5. I am one of the first group who got 1kw solar plant installed on my roof top.RP/2012/2235,installed by Aditya Solar Energy,on 23 April 2013,and been working ok for the first year,Now the unit ,particularly the POWER ONE inverter is faulty,since last 4 months.and in spite of persistent calls ,Aditya Solar is silent and their telephones dont work.The system is 5 year guaranteed ,and the Panel fior 20 years.

  6. Hi,
    Solar rooftop systems begin at 100 watts and go up to 100+ kilowatts to meet the needs of a typical nuclear family of 4 members in urban/semi-urban homes or for commercial purposes, as required. Home usage of grid electricity can be balanced by installing a 1KW solar rooftop system that enables savings up to about Rs. 8,500 per year. When used in off-grid locations, solar energy can help save fuel costs by up to about Rs. 50,000 per year and provide access to clean, renewable energy.
    Visit :

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