Solar PV Plant Performance data for November 2012 released by MNRE

MNRE has published the generation data and the CUF for the month of November 2012, for plants constructed under JNNSM Phase 1, Batch 1 and the RPSSGP programmes.
In one of our previous blog posts(CUF vs PR), we had highlighted the fact that CUF is not the right metric to compare PV plants. Since we do not have the Performance Ratio(PR) calculation for each of these plants, we have no other option but to use the CUF data to analyse plant performance.
Last month we had shared the October 2012 generation data and this time we combined the data from both the months. The comparison of performance of projects under the JNNSM Phase 1, Batch 1 for the months of October 2012 and November 2012 is given below.

The data for the plants under the RPSSG Programme is given below

The data uploaded in MNRE can be found here and here.
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