Updates on the Andhra Pradesh Solar RfS/Bid document

By now, many of you would have read the highlights of the final bid document for allocation of 1000 MW under the AP solar policy. In case you missed it, there is a good summary at Energy Alternatives India. The final document has been improved upon based on the inputs from the stakeholders after the pre-bid meeting on 14th December. The revisions are quite interesting and the revised RfS gives more time for the developers. I am quoting the relevant portions of the document from the EAI blog below.
“a. Financial closure is now 210 and not 60 days, as previously mentioned, from the time of the issue of the LoI.
b. The plant commissioning time is 12 months from signing of the PPA and not 6 months as originally stipulated. However, there incentives will be provided for early commissioning as indicated below:
i  Commissioning 9-10 months from PPA signing date: Rs 3 lakh/MW of commissioned capacity
ii 10-11 months: Rs 2 lakhs/MW
iii 11-12 months: Rs 1 lakh/MW”
The other revisions as highlighted by EAI can be accessed here.
The final date for submission of the bids is 7th February 2013. The bid documents can be accessed at the APTRANSCO website. __________________________________________________________________________________________
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