MNRE releases Solar Performance Data for February 2013

Continuing with their undertaking, MNRE has published a list of Capacity Utilization Factors (CUFs) for the various power plants under the RPSSGP scheme as well as the CUF under the JNNSM batch 1 (data from NVVN) for the month of February 2013. The previous blog on this (for the period October  2012 to December 2012) can be accessed here. Unfortunately, the information for January 2013 is not available.
The information released so far is given below. The information available at present is insufficient to perform any concrete analysis such as seasonal performance etc. We would need to wait till sufficient data is available to undertake this. Please click on the images to get an enlarged picture.

JNNSM Batch 1

The generation data and the CUF for the month of Februray 2013 for the plants under the RPSSGP and JNNSM Batch 1 can be accessed here and here.
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