Renewable Capacity Addition Update – February 2013

MNRE updated their list of installed renewable energy capacity with details of the capacity addition made during the month of February 2013. The total installed capacity grew by 374.43 MW to reach a new high of 27,294.46 MW for grid connected renewable energy systems.
Interestingly, the largest contributor to capacity additions for the month was solar PV systems which accounted for 210.18 MW with wind coming in second at 83.2 MW. However, if the annual capacity additions are to be considered then wind energy is still comfortably in the lead with 1282.25 MW installed over the course of the year as opposed to only 505.38 MW installed in case of solar. Of note is the fact that the annual installed capacity of Wind has fallen from the same period the previous year while solar capacity additions has increased. Perhaps this indicates a paradigm shift in the Indian renewable energy space where solar is starting to gain dominance over wind energy systems.

Systems based on waste to energy conversion is still severly lagging behind with only 6.4 MW installed in the year. Perhaps the new budget announcement made last month could provide the required impetus to bolster capacity additions in this space. While the drop in capacity additions in the wind energy sector is disheartening, the growth in the solar capacity additions might serve to counter balance this. The budgetary allocation made to provide GBI for wind energy might bolster the sector, but we will have to wait and see how it pans out.
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