Renewable capacity additions slows down to a trickle

MNRE has updated the renewable energy capacity additions in the country for the month of June 2013. Worryingly, the capacity additions are experiencing a downward trend. The wind energy sector, which used to be the flagbearer of renewable energy in the country has been in turmoil. With no clarification on Generation Based Incentives(GBI) or Accelerated Depreciation(AD) benefits for wind projects, both IPPs as well as independent project developers opting for wind energy projects are looking elsewhere for better investments.
MNRE reports that about 248 MW has been added in wind and 15 MW in small hydro with no capacity additions in solar for the first month since October 2012. However, earlier today we posted an update on renewable energy capacity additions in Rajasthan and interestingly, the update from RRECL states that a 50 MW solar CSP was commissioned in June 2013 (as a part of the allocation made under the first phase of the JNNSM), in addition to a 0.25 MW plant under the REC mechanism. This is quite the conundrum.
The update from MNRE can be accessed here. The capacity addition updates for April/May 2013 can be accessed here and those for March 2013 can be accessed here.
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