CERC – Solar PV capital cost : Rs. 6.12 Crore/MW and generic tariff : Rs.7.04/kWh for 2015-16

As part of its annual revision of Renewable Energy tariffs, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission(CERC) has finalized a generic levellised generation tariff for solar PV for FY 2015-16 as Rs. 7.04/kWh(without Accelerated Depreciation) and Rs. 6.35/kWh(with Accelerated Depreciation). This tariff was arrived at on the basis of the capital cost of Rs. 6.0585 Crores/MW. The capital cost has reduced marginally from the previous year. The drop of costs of PCUs/Inverters, Modules and Evacuation has been offset by minor increase in land costs and civil and general works cost.
The details are given below.
Please note that CERC has considered an exchange rate of Rs. 62.05 per USD and module price of US $ 0.52/Wp for the purposes of evaluating module price in Rupee terms. An allowance of Rs 9.69 Lakh/MW has been given for module degradation.
The benchmark capital cost calculation details are available here and the tariff calculation details are available here.
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