India’s Solar Capacity crosses 32 GW in October 2019

According to the MNRE, 90% of India’s solar installations is ground mounted(~29 GW), 7% is rooftop Solar(~2.2 GW) and the rest is Off-grid PV(~935 MW). These numbers are as of October 2019.

Solar power constitutes 38.2% of the total renewable power installed capacity of 83.83 GW, whereas Wind continued to lead with 44% of capacity(36.9 GW). However, the pace of growth of Solar over the last decade has been much higher than wind.

For example, wind constituted more than 70% of the total renewable installed capacity at the end of the financial year 2012-13(click here for more details) whereas solar’s contribution was only 6%.

The details are given below.

Source : MNRE