India: Lukewarm response to Tamil Nadu’s 1000MW tender – PV Magazine

Madhavan Nampoothiri was interviewed for PV Magazine ‘s coverage of the response to Tamil Nadu 1000 MW solar tender.
Founder and Director of RESolve Energy Consultants Madhavan Nampoothiri stated that there were concerns that the Tamil Nadu solar policy implementation was moving too fast, but hope was still present. However, after the bidding was opened, only 499MW were filled.
Nampoothiri stated,”The question is, was the bidding successful or not? Is the glass half empty or half full? I am sure the authorities will be disappointed, but do they have a backup option to achieve the 1000MW target? Another question is, what will be the L1 and how many of the bidders choose not to accept the L1 and drop out?”
According to Nampoothiri, Sun Edison submitted 50MW in 4 separate bids. Even though there was no upper limit, majority of the projects, 83 namely, were for 5MW and less. Ramanathapuram in the southeast of Tamil Nadu saw the highest interest with 123MW. More details can be found in Nampoothiri’s blog.
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