The Internationalisation of CSP – CSP Today

Madhavan Nampoothiri was interviewed for the handbook ‘The Internationalisation of CSP’ released as part of CSP Today event.
CSP Today: How have the regulatory and incentive structures in the market supported or hindered CSP and what do you see happening in the future?
The JNNSM has defi nitely given a boost for CSP in India. What will happen in future will depend on how well the 500 MW of CSP projects are executed and also how competitive CSP prices will remain compared to PV.
CSP Today: How well suited is the market for CSP (including solar resource, energy mix, needs and demand and anything else of note)?
The Indian market is well suited for CSP from the demand, energy mix and above all, solar resource perspectives. However, the long gestation periods, non-availability of performance date for CSP in India and the cost competitiveness with PV will determine the long term success of CSP.
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