Rajasthan – Improved Solar bidding process announced

Rajasthan has resumed the bidding process for the PV and Thermal projects under the Rajasthan State Policy with some major changes. It may be recalled that the earlier bidding process was indefinitely postponed in May 2012(Click here for more details).
The most notable change in the new policy is that all the selected projects will be located in a solar park – Village Bhadla, Tehsil Phalodi, District Jodhpur. The winners of the bidding process will be alloteed suitable plots at this solar park by Rajasthan Solarpark Development Company Limited, (a subsidiary of RREC). The solar park will have a common evacuation infrastructure. The details of the plot is reproduced below.

Other salient features are given below.
a. Selection process – Reverse Bidding. The lowest quote(L1) will be the final tariff applicable for all the projects. The relevant section says ” L1 tariff will be offered to L2, L3 and L4 and Ln bidders for giving their consent to match their tariff with L1 quoted tariff and submit revised bid bond as per L1 tariff. In case L2, L3, L4……LN bidders do not wish to match L1 tariff, they will be allowed to quit the bidding process and their securities (Earnest Money Deposit and Bid Bond, if applicable) shall be refunded. In such circumstances, the capacity so released by these bidders will be offered to LN + 1, LN + 2 and so on at L1 tariff in sequential order till the time entire capacity of 100 MW is allocated to the qualified bidders at L1 quoted tariff.”
b. Reference price – Rs. 8.42/kWh
c. PPA details – To be signed with RRECL for a duration of 25 years.
d Total size – 100 MW for PV and 100 MW of Solar Thermal.
Individual size – PV : 5 MW(upto 5.5 MW) and 10 MW(upto 11 MW) DC for Solar PV and 50 MW(+/- 5%) AC for Solar Thermal.
e. Timeframe for commissioning – 12 months  for Solar PV and 24 months for Solar Thermal from the date of signing of PPA.
f. Mode of submission – e-submission at the RREC website(physical copies also need to be submitted)
g. Last date for submission – 11.01.2013 at 11 am
h. Bids to be opened – 11.01.2013 at 3 pm.
A pre-bid meeting will be held on 07.12. 2012.
The Request for Proposal(RFP) for PV can be downloaded here and the RFP CSP can be downloaded here.
We will be updating this post soon with more details. Please come back soon.
Update 1: The details of the payment security mechanism can be found here .
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4 thoughts on “Rajasthan – Improved Solar bidding process announced”

  1. bhawani singh rathore

    thanks mr. madhavan nampoothiri for sharing the news.
    presently i m working in 50mw csp project of godawari green energy ltd. at naukh jaisalmer.

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  3. Sourabh Raiwal

    Please anybody can explain me about L1 process for selection of solar bids? I have a bit of confusion.

    1. The L1 bidding process is very simple. Every developer bids their lowest possible tariff for a particular location/size. After the lowest bids are opened, the lowest bid or L1 is then taken as the reference tariff and all the other developers (irrespective of what they had bid) will be asked to match the lowest tariff or L1. If they feel that they cant match the tariff, they are free to forego the allocation.

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