Tamil Nadu – Bid document for 1000 MW released

Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited(TANGEDCO) has released the tender documents today(05 December 2012). The salient features of the document are given below.

a. The timeline is as under

b. Pre-bid meeting with tenderers – 19 December 2012(Update : The details of the pre-bid meeting can be found here)
c.Minimum project capacity – 1 MW. No upper limit specified.
d. Indicative power evacuation capacity in each of the 32 districts can be accessed here. The following 5 districts do not have evacuation capacity – The Nilgiris, Theni, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari and Chennai.
e. Grid connectivity – Interconnection at voltage level of 11 KV and above. The responsibility of constructing the evacuation line from power plant upto TNEB substation would be under the scope of the developer.
f. Selection of successful bidders – L1 process. ” The bidders who have quoted lower rates (i.e) L1, L2,L3 etc… will be called for negotiation in that order and Letter of Intent (LoI) will be issued to all the qualified projects, provided the developers of the project are willing to supply at the negotiated and accepted rate till the aggregate capacity awarded to the bidders reach 1000 MW.  Qualified bidders shall pay the Load Flow Study Charges within 15 days from the date of issuance of LoI.
g. Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) – 20 Years duration. To be executed between TANGEDCO and the project developer.
h. Rates – The final rate(L1) will be effective from 01-01-2014 or COD, whichever is earlier to 31.03.2014.
i. Rate escalation : 5% annually for the first 10 years of the PPA. The applicable rate at the end of 10th year will remain constant for the remaining PPA period.
j. Commissioning deadline – 10 months from the date of issue of LOI.
k. Payment security : TANGEDCO shall provide LC from public sector/scheduled commercial bank.  The revolving LC shall have a term of 12 months and validity of the LC shall be renewed year after year and remains valid upto expiry of the agreement and the amount shall also be renewed for an amount equal to 105% of the average of monthly billing of proceeding 12 Months.
j. The tender is technology agnostic.
The tender can be downloaded here.
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