Andhra Pradesh releases bid documents for 1000 MW solar projects

Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited(APTRANSCO) has released the bid documents(RfS) for the bidding of 1000 MW of Solar projects.The date of submission is 19 January 2013.
The salient features are reproduced below.
a. Minimum capacity of project – 1 MW and Maximum capacity of a project- 20 MW AC(+/- 10%) with annual reduction of 1% per year.
– Maximum Plant load factor(PLF) permissible – 20% for PV and 25% for CSP. / Minimum PLF – 16% for PV and 20%  for CSP.
b. PPA duration – 25 years; Procurers  will be distribution licensees in the state.
c. Land and clearances – Responsibility of the bidder. APTRANSCO has provided the list of 161 Sub-stations that have been identified to have the required evacuation capacity.
d. Technology – PV or CSP(no particular preference)
e. Number of responses to RfS per company – One
f. Net worth criteria – Rs. 1 Crore/MW
h. Selection process – L1 tendering process; Benchmark price not specified.
i.Commissioning timeline- 6 months for PV and 13 months for CSP from the date of signing PPA or 8 months for PV and 15 months for CSP from the date of the issue of the LOI.
j. Pre-bid meeting on 14/12/2012
The bid documents can be downloaded from the APTRANSCO website –
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