Solar PV Plant Performance Data – October to December 2012

MNRE has published the performance data for plants commissioned under the JNNSM Phase 1, Batch 1(by NVVN) and also under the RPSSG Programme for the month of December 2012. This the third month in a row that MNRE is publishing the data.(Posts related to October and November 2012 can be found here and here.)

We have been saying for some time that CUF is not the best metric to assess the performance of a plant. But in the absence of the better metric – Performance Ratio(PR) – we will stick to CUF for the time being. For the comparison between CUF Vs PR, click here.

The information for the 3 months is given below. Since we feel that the information is still not adequate to benchmark the performances, we are presenting just the information shared by MNRE and not any detailed analysis. Please click on the images to get an enlarged picture.

NVVN Oct-Dec 2012

RPSSGP Oct- Dec 2012

The performance data for December 2012 can be downloaded from MNRE website – here and here.


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3 thoughts on “Solar PV Plant Performance Data – October to December 2012”

  1. What is the formula used for calculation of CUF?
    In both NVVN and RPSSGP, plants of same capacity with less generation have higher CUF than those with higher generation.
    e.g NVVN list in Dec-12, Sl.No.1 (generation 820900,CUF 22.08%) and Sl.No.7 (generation 700517,CUF 24.36%).

  2. I find it strange that Electromech, which have the same EPC provider, same modules and is in the exact same location as Khaya, can have an almost 8 % higher CUF!

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