Tamil Nadu – Financial bid opening : Rs. 5.97 lowest bid so far…

The financial bids under the Tamil Nadu policy is being opened. We are highlighting it based on what we hear.(Disclaimer -The final actual figures are subjected to confirmation from Tangedco)

(For details of the technical bid opening, click here).

Tangedco has announced that the their board will deliberate on the rates and arrive at a “workable rate” in about 2 weeks time. This rate could possibly be close to the median of the all the rates.(Update: The “workable tariff” is Rs. 6.48/kWh. More details available here).

More clarity as to how many developers will enter into a PPA with Tangedco, after this rate is announced and subsequent discussions with the developers. A  new tender is expected soon, which will be used to allot the remaining of 1000 MW capacity. (My colleague Hari shares some of his thoughts on the new tender here).

The highlights are

a. Lowest bid so for  – Rs. 6.20 by Rethink Energy corporation( Update : Lowest bid now – Rs. 5.97/kWh by Mohan Breweries)

b. Welspun -Rs.8.56, Lanco – Rs.8.20, Sun Edison – Rs.7.23 to Rs. 7.47

(Update : The story by Economic Times on the topic can be found here.)


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Some interesting statistics

– Average Bid Price : Rs. 8.534/ kWh

– Median Bid Price : Rs. 8.20/kWh

Bid stats

The complete list of bidding prices in ascending order is given below.

Financial bids

You are invited to join the Tamil Nadu solar group in LinkedIn and share your views there. The link to the group is http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Tamil-Nadu-Solar-4681107

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