Rajasthan Solar Bids – Lowest bid at Rs. 6.45/kWh

Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited(RRECL) opened the financial bids submitted towards the allocation of 100 MW of solar projects. (The full list of bidders is available here). The total bids come to 185 MW by 23 companies and as per our sources, the lowest bid was Rs. 6.45 for a 10 MW allocation. The highest quote was Rs. 8.25 for a 10 MW bid. Since the allocation of the project is based on L1 price, we will have to see how many of the 23 bidders will find the price attractive and accept the L1 price.
We are awaiting the official confirmation from RRECL and once we have that, we will post the details of all the price bids and some analysis.
Update 1 : Please find below the list of bidders. Still awaiting the official list from RRECL.
Rajasthan bidders
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2 thoughts on “Rajasthan Solar Bids – Lowest bid at Rs. 6.45/kWh”

    1. @Vikram – Yesterday was apparently the last date for confirmation on the rate. We understand that several bidders have conveyed to Tangedco that they are not willing to go ahead with Rs.6.48/kWh. The bidders who accept this tariff are likely to get the option of enhancing their capacities. Despite that, the general consensus is that only about 125-150 MW of projects will get into a PPA.

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