Solar Rooftop PV – SECI tender receives enthusiastic response for Bangalore and Chennai

Companies like Ravano Green Power, Sun Edison, Azure and Tata Power, among others, have bid for the solar rooftop projects being allocated by the Solar Energy Corporation of India(SECI). Today was the last date for submission of Rfs. (Details of the RfS can be found here and here).
Some highlights about the bids, as learned from a reliable source, are given below.
a. Bangalore received the best response, both in terms of number of companies(7), as well as capacity(4.8 MW)
b. Chennai saw 6 companies placing bids of a total 3 MW.
c. While Delhi got 1 MW of bids, the other cities(Gurgaon, Bhubhaneshwar and Raipur) received less bids than the maximum allocation.
Some of details are given below.
Bidder stats
Azure Power and Photon bid for allocation in 4 cities whereas Sun Edison bid for 3 cities.
The city-wise bidders list should be available in the MNRE website very soon.
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