Indian Solar – Odisha floats 25 MW tender

The Odisha state government, through OREDA (Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency) today floated a tender for 25 MW of solar capacity to be installed in the state in continuation of the state’s pursuit of adding solar capacity to its renewable energy portfolio. The state had floated two other tenders earlier for 25 MW each. The tariff arrived at during the previous two occassions was Rs. 7 per kWh in the first phase and Rs. 7.28 in the second phase. Interestingly, the RfP mentions that further reduction in tariff is to be expected even though the second phase witnessed an increase in tariff when compared with the first phase.
Some of the highlights of the RfP include

  • Off-taker – GRIDCO
  • PPA Duration – 25 years
  • Capacity to be allocated – 25 MW
  • Bidding Mechanism – L1 for the entire 25 MW to be allocated to a single EPC/Developer
  • Net worth criteria – Rs. 2.7 crores per MW totalling Rs. 67.5 crores for the entire 25 MW
  • Evacuation @ 33 kV or 132 kV
  • CUF capped at 17.8% (annually) with a tolerance of 10% on either side
  • Any generation ABOVE the tolerance limit would not be paid for by GRIDCO, but a penalty would be imposed on generation BELOW the tolerance limit (penalty @ Rs. 0.5 per kWh)
  • In the event of grid failure, any energy generation that was lost would be determined based on on-site conditions and would be deemed to be injected to the grid. This would be used to very fulfilment of generation obligations but monetary reimbursement would not be provided to the developer for lost generation.
  • Last date for submission of response – 7th March 2013
  • Financial closure – within 210 days from signing of PPA

The timeline for the project execution is given below

The tender document can be accessed in its entirety here.
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4 thoughts on “Indian Solar – Odisha floats 25 MW tender”

  1. We seriously doubt the execution of earlier projects. The 5MW @ Rs.7 per unit is yet to take off (almost a year has gone) and no idea about the second batch 25MW @ Rs.7.28 per unit. Not a good signal for GRIDCO’s RPO. Ultimately if OERC enforces RPO, then GRIDCO has to pay fine or buy costly solar REC and this pricing shall be transferred to the consumer.

  2. And these solar panels cost them below $200 per panel.
    With the rising development of technology, even homeowners are beginning to advance in the perks of solar panels.
    I thought we could take old retired ships, boats, and barges and place solar panels on them.

  3. I,am looking about progress in re newable energy in odisha back to compaire than other states OERC, GRIDCOcannot do satis facyoryly. because, oerc cannot controll his distributio cosin his respective field...s

    Not satisfactory work done in the field of re new able energy compaired than other provience, in india.

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