Solar Rooftops – Sun Edison, Azure and Thermax win 5.5 MW project allocation by SECI

Solar Energy Corporation of India(SECI) has released the list of successful bidders for the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Gurgaon. The bid received very enthusiastic response(our earlier blog is available here) for the proposed 10 MW rooftop PV project allocation in 6 cities(click here for details of the RfS). However, SECI has announced the winners for only 4 cities.There were 3 successful bidders for all the cities combined.
a. Azure Power – 2 MW total in all 4 cities
b. Thermax – 2 MW total in 2 cities(Bangalore and Chennai)
c. Sun Edison(SEI) – 1.5 MW total in 3 cities(Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi)
The details of the successful bidders are given below.
SECI - Winners
The notification by MNRE can be accessed here.
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4 thoughts on “Solar Rooftops – Sun Edison, Azure and Thermax win 5.5 MW project allocation by SECI”

  1. is there any penalty if a bidder is not able to successfully execute the project in the stipulated timeframe?The Business Development team of azure must surely be surprised by the other’s bidders quotes and capacities allocated..intentional strategy or a gross miscalculation?

  2. It is going to be very difficult for Azure to complete the projects at the above rates. Would like to have some insights on the decision making by Azure.

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