MNRE revises off-grid benchmark tariff again

MNRE had previously revised the benchmark tariff for offgrid systems in November 2012. Today, MNRE has come up with another revision for the benchmark tariff for off-grid systems. The most important change, in terms of small scale solar PV plants has been the downward revision of the benchmark tariff of these systems. PV systems (without battery) up to 100 kW went down from Rs. 160 per Wp to Rs. 100 per Wp. The revised benchmark tariffs can be found below.

The amendment announcement in its entirety can be found here.
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11 thoughts on “MNRE revises off-grid benchmark tariff again”

  1. Hi,
    I see there is significant increase in bench mark pricing for LED based Lighting systems. SHould we see it as further support to this segment from MNRE??

    1. Yes it is likely that LED is being pushed hard now. In addition to this, there has been significant reduction in import duties/taxes for LEDs which was enacted sometime earlier.

  2. R. Vidya Sagar

    Is there any similar benchmark cost prescribed by MNRE for grid connected SPV? Thanks,

    1. Hi Sagar. CERC usually sets the benchmark tariff for grid connected renewable energy systems. According to the latest estimate from CERC, the benchmark number is fixed at about Rs. 8 crores per MW.

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