Launching “Solar Updates in States”Map

Dear Patrons and Readers of RESolve blogs,
It is my pleasure to share with you the “Solar Updates in States” Map. Solar in India is no longer restricted to the central programme of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission(JNNSM), administered by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE). More and more states have come up with initiatives specific to solar. Some states like Gujarat, Karnataka and more recently Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have either executed their state solar policies or have come up with aggressive solar capacity addition targets in their states. Some states like Maharashtra have been quite pro-active in their work towards achieving their Renewable Purchase Obligation(RPO) targets.
As the RESolve team started analyzing the state policies, we were pleasantly surprised when we realized that more than 10 states already have some form of solar initiative. This number is only going to increase and as the numbers increase, it will become quite difficult to organize all the state-wise information. That is when we decided to have an easy to use and a basic interactive map of solar updates.
This map is a basic version and contains information like the installed capacity of renewables, power situation based on Central Electricity Authority(CEA) estimates, state specific solar policy or other initiative, details of solar projects in the state, rating of the utilities and web-links to the policy makers and regulators.
We intend to update the content regularly and sincerely hope that this will be a useful reference for all of you.
The map can be accessed here.
Please share your feedback/suggestions and areas of improvement with us. You can send your note directly to me at
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14 thoughts on “Launching “Solar Updates in States”Map”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am really happy to subscribe to this news letter. Kudos to you and your team. Your articles are extremely informative and so well compiled that we get double benefit from the same. I am thankful to you for the same.
    Sir I clicked onto the link above but was not able to get info of the states as mentioned there. Kindly guide.

  2. Madhavan,
    The articles are very insightful. The array of knowledge that your article exhibits is phenomenal. Keep up the good work of educating people and creating awareness about solar energy.

  3. This is good update on statewise status of power and solar. Good work. Thank you and congratulations! I have seen many of your blogs and updates and it is always a good quality information for industry people. Keep it up!

  4. Hi.Mr.Madhavan Napoothiri
    Thanks for the initiative to publicize system data for all states and centre. Though these are available in the CEA website it is better to read it in a secluded site.
    Thanks again

  5. pramod ranjan arora

    Some states like Gujarat have worked proactively and stands at first position in India. Development of solar energy in state is possible by the proactive policies of state governments. Tariff system (net metering or feed-in tariff) which is the main component for development of solar energy in the state and the tariff is decided by state governments, not by the MNRE. State governments are beyond MNRE for development of solar energy sector in the state since state governments have land, water, rooftop, transmission and distribution lines and other infrastructure facilities.

  6. pramod ranjan arora

    Now,the grid parity shall be be achieved within three to four years in case utility scale PV and roofop PV. The cost of generation shall be less from utility scale Pv and roof top PV in comparison to grid supply after achieving grid parity. In such scenario the role of MNRE becomes lees important and role of state governments become important. State Governments need to be vigil and scan the market and make changes in state policies for boosting of solar energy sectors in the state time to time.

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