Punjab solar bids opened – Welspun, Moser Baer, Essel and Azure major winners

Punjab has released the details of the winners who bid for 300 MW of projects allocation in the state(Click here for the RfP details). It may be recalled that bids were invited under 2 categories – Category 1 for newly incorporated/existing companies with project size between 1 and 4 MW and Category 2 for existing companies with project size between 5 and 30 MW.
The bid details for the Category 1 are as follows
1 to 4 MW
The average bid price for the Category 1 was Rs. 8.22/kWh and the weighted average was Rs 8.27/kWh. The median bid price is Rs. 8.355/kWh.
The details of the bids under Category 2 are as follows.5 to 30 MWThe average bid price was Rs.  8.41/kWh and the weighted average was Rs.8.34/kWh, while the median was Rs. 8.52/kWh.
It may be noted that the average bid price for the larger projects are higher than those for smaller plants. Another interesting aspect is that the average bid price was above Rs. 8/kWh. This rate is quite high compared to Rajasthan(Rs. 6.45/kWh), Andhra Pradesh(Rs. 6.49/kWh) and Tamil Nadu (Rs. 6.48/kWh with 5% escalation for the first 10 years).
The bid details can be accessed here and here.
PS: You are invited to visit the “Solar Updates in States” Map to get an overview of what is happening in other states.
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2 thoughts on “Punjab solar bids opened – Welspun, Moser Baer, Essel and Azure major winners”

  1. amarjeet singh

    Since punjab has given a normative tariff, hence the bidders have bidded around that in cartelisation may be otherwise in lack of that info the bids might be in the range of similar to 6.5 per unit range. but considering the fertile land of punjab it is wrong policy decision from the punjab govt. in the first place to go for ground mounted system instead rooftop solar PV should have been promoted like SECI is doing with 5.45 per unit as tariff with net metering provision by local discom and the same is true for UP also where fertile land is being promoted for solar PV when Bundelkhand like region are neglected despite having great promise in terms of solar power. Since in light of costly land and poor solar radiation the bids have gone higher so to reduce the bids the land cost can only be reduced through rooftop solar PV approach.

  2. shailendra_pal

    In some places like USA, solar panels are installed above a graging land for animals or above farmer’s field. This alows land to be used for dual purpose of agriculture and power generation
    Hopefully this technique will be used in India soon!

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