India Solar – 79.56 MW of capacity added in July 2013

MNRE has updated the renewable capacity additions for the month of July 2013. Solar capacity additions which had reduced to a trickle and completely stopped in June has finally seen some new additions with about 80 MW being added in July. Wind capacity additions which has been steadily declining over the course of the last year continues its downtrend with only 96.2 MW being added in July as opposed to about 248 MW added in June 2013.

It is likely that the wind capacity additions over the course of this year would increase with MNRE having announced the reinstatement of the GBI benefits for wind developers. Additionally, it is likely that the GBI quota which was not exhausted the last time it was available would be completely filled in this financial year and going forward considering it is the only incentive available for wind energy developers with AD being done away with.

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