Rajasthan Solar – Request for Proposal issued – 50 Plants of 1 MW each to be allotted

Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited(RRECL) has released the RfP for the selection of 50 Solar PV plants of 1 MW(AC) to be connected on 11 kV level at 33/11 kV Discom’s substation in the state. This follows the allocation of 100 MW of projects in February 2013(More details of the earlier bid is here).
Some of the highlights of the RfP are
1. PPA duration – 25 Years
2. Selection process – Competitive bidding(L1 process)
3. Last date of submission of electronic bid – 26.10.2013(02:00 pm).
4. PPAs will be signed on 28.02.2014
5. Distribution of projects – The 50 projects will distributed among the 3 discoms in the state – 20 projects in Jaipur Discom, 14 projects in Ajmer Discom and 16 Projects in Jodhpur Discom.
6. ” Bidders shall be selected for each Discoms separately. However, tariff to be awarded for a Zone (Discom) shall not exceed by more than 10% of the Zone (Discom) having lowest tariff.”
7. Commissioning deadline – Within 12 months of signing the PPA.
8. The names of the 33/11 kV Sub-stations for each Discoms/Zone for which bidders may bid is available in the bid document.
9. The plant has to generate minimum energy corresponding to a CUF of 12% during first year and 16% during remaining years.
The RfP can be downloaded at the RRECL site here.
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1 thought on “Rajasthan Solar – Request for Proposal issued – 50 Plants of 1 MW each to be allotted”

  1. Govt. should have planned to install at minimum 33kv voltage level, wherein all 50mw projects have to be connected only at 11kv line. Maximum of 11kv having maximum grid-outage problem. Wherein investors shall be advesely affected due to non-transmission of produced Solar Power to grid.
    Further isolation of projects scattered as only 1mw at one GSS shall increase cost of installation and maintenance of the project.

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