REC Trading November 2013 – Solar REC trade drops; Non-Solar REC trade doubles

In the REC trading for the month of November 2013, the trade volume of non-solar doubled from the previous month and touched an all time high this year.However, Solar REC sales dropped by 22% from October 2013. Both non-solar and solar RECs were traded at their floor prices(Rs. 1500/REC and Rs. 9300/REC respectively) in both the exchanges(IEX and PXIL).

It may be recalled that the non-solar REC sales tripled last month. Overall, non-Solar REC trade has been growing healthily since August 2013.


The Buy Bids Vs Sell Bids also improved from the previous month.

The traded volume of solar RECs can be seen below.

The Buy vs Sell bid details are as under.

REC Inventory

The inventory of both non-Solar and Solar RECs have also been increasing since the supply has been extremely high in comparison to demand. While the total non-Solar REC inventory has more than doubled from the start of the Financial year(April 2013), the solar REC inventory has increased by 86 times, but from a smaller base.

REC Inventory - Nov

(Source : REC Registry of India)
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