Aam Admi Party(AAP) and Solar in Delhi

Perhaps for the first time in the history of the country, all the 3 major political parties(AAP, BJP and INC ) had included solar in their election manifestos for the Delhi Assembly Elections for 2013.
BJP had the following points related to electricity in general and solar in particular in Delhi(Click here for the manifesto).

  • Delhi shall be made a ‘Power Surplus State’.
  • Reduction of 30% Power tariff by promoting competition in Discoms and bringing them under CAG audit and RTI.
  • To make Delhi as the Solar Energy Capital of the country by generation of Solar Power on the roof-tops of the government and other buildings. The government shall provide liberal assistance for this purpose.
  •  Tax holiday for manufacturing of solar energy equipments for ten years” 

Solar finds mention in the manifesto of Indian National Congress(INC) also.(Source : Greenpeace)

  • Focus on utilizing rooftop solar power to bridge the peak power demands
  • Focus on solar energy along with other renewable energy solutions” 
Here is what Aam Admi Party had promised(Manifestos in Hindi and English) –
” Electricity
Delhi’s consumers have been getting inflated bills due to malpractices by Discoms. AAP promises a reduction of consumers’ electricity expenditure by 50%. This will be done by ordering an audit of discoms, rectifying inflated bills and getting electricity bills checked by independent agencies. Licences would be cancelled of any discoms that refuse the audit .
Discoms would be brought under RTI and their accounts made more transparent. Discom monopolies would be ended and consumers would be allowed to choose between two electricity providers. Incentives and subsidies to promote solar energy; target of meeting 20% of Delhi’s electricity needs via solar energy in the next ten years. Individuals installing solar panels in their houses would be allowed to sell extra electricity to the grid.” 
(A comparative analysis of the manifestos specific to solar is available in the Greenpeace website here.)
Now that AAP will form the government in Delhi tomorrow, the solar industry will be watching keenly the incentives and the support mechanism that will be provided by the new government(especially for residential rooftops) in achieving the targets mentioned by the party in its manifesto.
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  1. Now why can’t a similar manifesto be pushed for all India. Or does Delhi constitute India’s billion strong which contribute maximum taxes and those amongst Mumbai, Gujarat paying the highest rates with generation facilities within few kilometers, compared to hundreds kilometers in case of landlocked Delhi.

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