India Solar – Gujarat continues to lead with ~40% of the total installations; Rajasthan gets 70% of the JNNSM Phase 1 projects

The MNRE released the state-wise solar installed capacity under JNNSM and various other schemes as of 31 January 2014. Not surprisingly, Gujarat continues to be the Number 1 state with 860.4 MW out of the total installed capacity of 2208 MW in the country. The most interesting part is that all this capacity came through the  state’s solar policy and there are no installations in Gujarat under the Phase 1 of the JNNSM. Similarly, there are no RPO/REC based projects in Gujarat.
On the other hand, in Rajasthan, there were zero installations under the state’s solar policy. It has the second highest installations in the country(666.8 MW which is 30% of the total), and almost 75% of the capacity was contributed by JNNSM and the rest through RPO and REC programmes. Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh are the other two states with more than 100 MW of installed capacity.The state-wise installed capacities are given below.
Statewise all programmes - 31 Jan 2014
When it comes to the JNNSM, a total of 661.3 MW has been commissioned under the Phase 1. (Note: This number is slightly different from the number in the previous table. MNRE might correct one of these numbers soon). The state-wise installed capacities under the various schemes of JNNSM are given below. It can be seen that 70.6% of all the JNNSM projects were installed in Rajasthan.
JNNSM Phase 1 commissioning - 31 Jan 2014
The files can be accessed from the MNRE website here and here.
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