SECI releases list of bidders eligible for Financial Bid opening

Earlier this week the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) released the list of bidders eligible for financial bid opening. SECI had earlier released a list of bidders who had submitted a bid but had warned that not all bidders would be eligible for opening of financial bids. With the financial bid being opened on 21st February 2014, SECI released a final list of eligible bidders which saw some developers being excluded.

The final list released by SECI saw the exclusion of 6 projects to be executed by 5 developers totalling 90 MW. The initial list of bidders released by SECI had 122 projects totalling 2170 MW in capacity. However the list released earlier this week limited the allocation to 116 projects totalling 2080 MW. The bidders excluded are PMP Auto Components Pvt. Ltd., Zandu Realty Ltd., Greenenergy Wind Corp Pvt. Ltd., Golden Crystal Infrabuild Ltd. and most notably Moser Baer Powergen Ltd. Two projects have been excluded in the DCR category and four in the open category. In terms of capacity, 50 MW has been excluded under the DCR cateogry and 40 MW under the open category.

The final list of eligible bidders has been reproduced below