JNNSM Phase 2 – Official List of Winners Of 750 MW Of Batch 1 Bidding From SECI

SECI has released the official list of winners. The 750 MW of projects were split between 22 projects in Part A(DCR) and between 25 projects in Part B(Open). The average size per project in Part A and Part B are 17 MW and 15 MW respectively. The total VGF outgo for the Government of India is Rs. 1,200 Crores. It may be recalled that Rs. 1,875 Crores were earmarked by the Government towards the 750 MW of projects, and the actual amount required to be disbursed is now more than 30% less than the earmarked amount.
Overall, the entire 750 MW goes to just 27 bidders. Interestingly, more than half of them have got the lowest possible capacities. 14 companies will be getting only 10 MW each, and 2 companies will be getting 5 MW each.
Sun Edison, Azure and ACME bag 100 MW each, followed by Waaree Energies and Today Homes at 50 MW each, IL&FS, Finsurya and Focal Energy at 40 MW each. Solairedirect and Hero Energies bag 30 MW each.
The details of the winning bidders(375 MW each) in Part A(DCR) and Part B(Open) are given below.(The complete list of eligible bidders can be found here).

Part A final

Part B final

 The comprehensive overview is given below.
The details can be downloaded at the SECI website here.
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6 thoughts on “JNNSM Phase 2 – Official List of Winners Of 750 MW Of Batch 1 Bidding From SECI”

  1. Paul Koti (@PaulKoti1)

    Dear Madhavan,
    Your Information in Solar Developments is Really Informative Innovative Unique and Highly Useful and Surely Appreciable.
    Such an Elaborate information with in short span of time is great Sir.
    Once again i thank you very much for the above information.

  2. Dear Sir,
    The minimum project size to be bid under JNNSM phase 2 was 10MW.
    However, in the comprehensive list, it shows that Welspun and Sunil Hitech has been allocated 5MW each.
    Can you please highlight the reason for the same?
    Vineet Mittal

    1. Hi Vineet,
      The bidding process requires companies to bid in multiples of 10 MW. However if you look at the total capacity to be allocated in each category it is 375 MW which is not a multiple of 10. SECI made it clear that the allocation will be done up to a maximum of 375 MW in each category only. Thus the remaining 5 MW would have been offered to the last qualifying company in the list and would be commissioned subject to the company accepting the allocation quota.

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