REC Trading – February 2014 – Solar trading increases by about 31%

The REC trading session for the month – February 2014 concluded today. The solar REC trade volume which had dropped significantly in the last month’s trading session has rallied this month with an increase of about 31% in traded volume compared to January 2014. Non-Solar RECs’ traded volume also showed modest growth with the traded volume increasing by about 5.5%.

Both Solar and non-solar RECs traded at their floor price of Rs. 9,300 and Rs.1,500 per REC respectively.

Solar REC
The trading trend of Solar RECs is given below.

Non-solar REC
The non-solar REC trading is as follows.

REC Inventory

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  1. Volume of REC trading is not significant in proportion to total REC generated and available for sale. Government has to make REC purchase by utilities as mandatory compliance with penalty clause to keep REC Solar Projects viable for investors and businessman.
    CA Yogesh Birla
    Birla Wealth & Project Management Co.
    (Solar Project Div.)

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