Uttar Pradesh Solar – RfP for allotment of 300 MW released; Deadline – Sept. 8, 2014

The Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency, (UPNEDA) has released Request for Proposal(RfP) towards allotment of 300 MW of Solar PV Power proejcts under the state’s Solar Power Policy 2013. It may be recalled that UP had conducted an allocation process for 200 MW in March 2013 and entered into a Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) for 110 MW in December 2013(More details here).

The last date of submission of the bids is September 8, 2014.

Some of the excerpts from the RfP for the 300 MW are presented below

  • Total Capacity Available – 300 MW
  • Minimum Capacity  of a Solar PV power plant – 5 MW(AC)
  • Maximum Capacity of a Solar PV power plant – 100 MW(AC) (with multiples of 5 MW for any capacity between Minimum and Maximum capacities)
  • The plants are expected to have a minimum Capacity Utilisation Factor(CUF) of 15%
  • Off-taker – UPPCL
  • PPA Term – 12 years. This is the shortest PPA in terms of time frame amongst the prevalent state solar policies. In the earlier round of bidding, the PPA duration was 10 years.
  • Possibility to extend PPA beyond the 12 year duration (for an additional 13 years) at prevailing APPC price.
  • At the end of the 12th year, UPPCL would be paying the price of eleventh year Average Pooled Purchase Cost (APPC) on willingness of Project Developer. The government will NOT pay the difference beyond 12 years and hence power would have to be sold at APPC price after the 12th year.
  • Expenditure on the construction of transmission line and substation will be borne by the State Government on all the projects in the Bundelkhand region and Purvanchal regions only.
  • Part commissioning of projects is allowed (in multiples of 5 MW) with PPA being enforced for a period of 10 years from the date of commissioning of each part.
  • Selection process is through standard reverse-bidding selection. L1 would not be enforced on all bidders.
  • The bidder should have acquired sufficient experience and capacity in building infrastructure projects. The bidder should demonstrate experience in infrastructure projects with the tune of Rs. 2.5 Crore/MW of the capacity quoted.
  • Financial closure – 180 days from the date of signing the PPA.
  • Within 120 days from the date of signing of the PPA, the project developer has to provide evidence that the requisite technical criteria have been fulfilled and required land for project development @ 2 Hectares/MW is under clear possession of the project developer.
  • The Commissioning / Scheduled Delivery Date of Solar PV Power Plant for capacity upto 25MW shall be 13 months and for the capacity above 25MW shall be 18 months from the date of signing of PPA.
  • In case of Solar PV Projects, Part commissioning of the Project shall be accepted by UPNEDA / Procurer(s) subject to the condition that the minimum capacity for acceptance of part commissioning shall be 5 MW.

The RfP documents can be downloaded here.


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5 thoughts on “Uttar Pradesh Solar – RfP for allotment of 300 MW released; Deadline – Sept. 8, 2014”

  1. amarjeet singh

    earlier round bidding tariff can be taken as forebearance benchamrks along with recent bidding tariff of 6.66 per unit in Karanataka. since land is cheaper in Bundelkhand and Purvanchal along with State Govt. doing the transmision network for the project. Only problem is that their is no OA in UP for solar projects so after 12yrs the possibility of selling power outside the state is uncertain as of now with lack of standard formula for APPC across states hence such APPC tariff would be lower than expected.

  2. A start up company is having financial eligibility for up to 2MW, looking for partnerships to extend to 5MW for this project.

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