Interviews With Solar Industry Stakeholders

As a part of Intersolar India‘s knowledge dissemination initiative, this year I had the opportunity to interview several key solar industry stakeholders including Mr. S.R. Mohanty, Principal Secretary, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Rakesh Khanna of SMA Solar, Mr. Mathew Segal of Trojan Batteries and Mr. Shaibal Ghosh of Waaree Energies. (Last year’s interviewees included Mr. Sujoy Ghosh, First Solar, Mr. Shaji John, L&T, Mr. Guarav Sood, Solairedirect, among others).
These interviews covered a wide range of topics including energy access(by ARE), success of state level policies(by Mr. S.R. Mohanty – M.P.), off-grid solar PV, advances in inverter technologies(SMA), energy Storage(Trojan Batteries), Module technolgy(First Solar), PV manufacturing in India(Vikram Solar), project development(Solairedirect) to name a few.
Some of you might have read these interviews, and for those who may want to read them, I am sharing the links below. I hope you find the interview interesting and useful. In addition to the interview, we also published a monthly article covering a relevant topic. The monthly articles can be accessed here.
The details of the interviews are given below.
1. Electricity Access to the global poor – Marcus Weimann, Alliance for Rural Electrification
2. Battery Storage – Mathew Segal, Trojan Batteries
3. Madhya Pradesh Solar Policy – Mr. S.R. Mohanty
4. Off-grid PV – Shaibal Ghosh, Waaree Energies
5. Inverter Technologies – Rakesh Khanna, SMA
6. Project Development – Gaurav Sood, Solairedirect
The interviews can be accessed here.