Telangana Solar – ReNew Power, ACME and First Solar major winners

1500 MW in 3 weeks – that is the capacity of project pipeline that has been created after Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and now, Telangana, completed allocating 500 MW of solar capacity in each of the 3 states.
Telangana solar bids were opened earlier this week, and the results were in line with the trend of a few companies winning most of the projects as seen last week in Karnataka(more here). 6 companies won about 80% of the capacity available as per the unofficial results available with us. The tariff range of winning bids was Rs. 6. 45/kWh – Rs. 6.9/kWh.
Surprisingly, none of the winners in the Telangana bidding has won projects in Karnataka, and vice-versa.
(Interestingly, an article in Economic Times published yesterday highlights how small entrepreneurs without deep pockets are ending up on the losing side of the “solar revolution”. The comment of Rahul Gupta of Rays Power Experts says it all. The article is available here).
The unofficial list of winners of the bids are given below.


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