Telangana Solar – RfS for 2000 MW of Solar PV projects released; Bid submission deadline – 15 May 2015

After completing the allocation of 500 MW in November 2014(details here), Telangana, has now released the RfS document for selection of 2000 MW of Solar Projects.

The distribution companies(Discoms) that will be procuring the power are Southern Power Distribution Company of Telangana Limited(TSSPDCL) & Northern Power Distribution Company Limited of Telangana (TSNPDCL) in 9 districts of the state.

The Bid submission due date is 15 May 2015, 17:00 Hours . The technical bid opening will be on 21 May 2015 and the financial bid opening will be on 15 June 2015 . A pre-bid meeting is scheduled for 10 April 2015.

Some of the other highlights are given below.

1.  The selection will be through reverse bidding, with no L1 bidding.

2. A bidder can submit bids for any number of projects. Minimum bid capacity is 2 MW and maximum capacity will depend on the evacuation capacity for the location.

3. There will be a district-wise cap on the capacity determined by the evacuation constraints and is available in the RfS document.

4. Scheduled Commercial Operation Date(SCOD) – 12 months from the date of signing of PPA.

5. Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) duration – 25 years

6. The bidding will be done in two groups, and the ceiling tariffs will be as follows.

Group 1 : Bids Bidders injecting into a 33/11 kV distribution Interconnection Substation :  Rs 6.4500/kWh

Group 2 : Bids Bidders injecting into a 132/33 kV or 220/132 kV or 400/220 kV Interconnection substation : Rs 6.3200/kWh

The RfP and the draft PPA can be downloaded  here.

1 thought on “Telangana Solar – RfS for 2000 MW of Solar PV projects released; Bid submission deadline – 15 May 2015”

  1. saini.amarjeet

    Telanaga should have promoted net-metering and rooftop solar more aggressively thru third party and interest subsidy to residential and commercial customers as a DSM measures. another approach could have been of state discoms signing MoU with top 5 FMCG vendors for 5 star home appliances for supply to discom residential customers on lowest possible replacement rates against thr existing old appliances with difference being charged to thr power bills for 1-2 years like being by EESL, discom MoU for replacing bulbs with LEDS under RESCO model in AP and now being done at Varanasi.

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