US demands WTO examines India’s anti-dumping investigation – PV Tech

Principal Consultant at RESolve Hari Manoharan was interviewed by PV Tech Magazine on the US government’s complaint with the WTO over JNNSM and its demand for examination of India’s anti-dumping investigations.
Hari Manoharan from Indian RESolve Energy Consultants, told PV-Tech: “It should be noted that the US manufacturers, particularly First Solar, has been enjoying significant market share in India mostly due to the low interest rates offered by the US Ex-Im banks for US manufactured PV modules. This also works to skew the market (in favour of the US manufacturers) as low interest rate financing is a huge benefit for project developers and plays a key role in maximising profits.
“Essentially this translates to lower price modules comparable (in price) to say Chinese imports. Again, the domestic module manufacturers are taking the hit in this case.”
Manoharan also said, “If we are going to follow the WTO guidelines word for word then the US government may have a favourable case”.”
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