US requests WTO consultation over Indian solar DCR – PV Magazine

Principal Consultant at RESolve Hari Manoharan was interviewed by PV Magazine for its coverage of the second phase of JNNSM and also on the US complaint against Indian stand on Domestic Content Requirement (DCR) as part of this phase.
” In an interview, Hari Manoharan, a consultant with RESolve Energy Consultants told pv magazine that India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has laid out six different options for DCRs in the Phase II draft, including:

  1. For all PV projects, cells and modules produced in India shall be used;
  2. Price preference for domestic manufactured cells/ modules;
  3. Percentage of domestic content in cost terms (say 50%) for both PV and thermal technologies;
  4. Percentage of cells manufactured in India;
  5. Some batches with 100% domestic content requirement; and
  6. For thermal technologies material equivalent to 50% of supply costs (excluding land, taxes, erection, financing, soft costs, etc.) should be manufactured in India during phase 2.

Hari Manoharan added, “I am going to assume that thin film technologies would also fall under the DCR this time round (thin film was exempted under phase 1) even though this has not been mentioned explicitly.””
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