Solar in India breaches the 2 GW barrier; Wind sector continues to stagnate

According to the latest updated by the MNRE, Solar in India has crossed the 2 GW landmark(grid-connected and off-grid systems combined). As of 31 August 2013, the total solar installed capacity stood at 2100 MW, out of which grid-connected solar capacity was 1969 MW and off-grid systems was 131 MW.

About 130 MW of grid-connected solar capacity was added in August 2013 taking the total installation during the financial year(2013-14) to 284 MW. Wind energy capacity addition continues to languish with just 118 MW added in August and a total of 726 MW during the period April-August 2013. However, Wind installed capacity during the period(April-August 2013) was still about 67% of the total renewable installed capacity, which is in line with the cumulative installed capacity at the end of the August 2013.

The month-wise solar and wind capacity additions is given below.


The cumulative renewables installed capacity is given below.

Click here to access the update from MNRE.


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4 thoughts on “Solar in India breaches the 2 GW barrier; Wind sector continues to stagnate”

  1. pramod ranjan arora

    Good news for India, going towards milestone of JNNSM target of 20 GW by 2022. Looking to available solar resources in India and technological development, a target of 20 GW by 2022 is very much less. The target should be revised to 30 GW by 2022.

  2. It is a very welcome sign that India added almost 800 MW of solar power generation capacity during the first 6 months of the current financial year 2013-14. But the present rate of progress is rather slow, comparing to India’s target of 22,000 MW to be achieved by 2022. All our solar enthusiasts will consider that target of 22,000 MW is on lower side compared to the abundance of available solar energy resource on Indian sky. But let us first move fast and try to achieve that target faster. Let our Governments declare the renewable energy sector, especially the Solar Industry, as PRIORITY SECTOR and our financial institutions consider it as bankable PRIORITY INDUSTRY for faster growth. Let our educated youths and budding engineering & other graduates get ready with the technological skills and research aptitude on renewable energy resources, including SOLAR energy resource, to take the industry into fast track, qualified development for their own betterment and for the whole industry’s faster growth.
    We work with governments’ Development Institutions.
    Vijay Venugopal, P.E.(USA)

  3. Good to know that India is growing more towards solar power as it is the need of the time. It can solve all the electricity related problems in India. Also it will help in reducing pollution and carbon from the environment as solar energy is clean energy.

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