India Solar – JNNSM (Phase II) back on track

MNRE had earlier announced the release of the draft guidelines for the 750 MW of solar capacity to be allocated under the second phase of the JNNSM. Following this positive announcement came the other positive i.e. the announcement that the funds were tied up to the tune of Rs. 1875 crores from the NCEF for funding projects under Phase II. The draft guidelines have now been finalized and released today. There aren’t too many visible changes besides details on the upper limit for generation and guidelines on how the excess generation will be handled (SECI will purchase up to 10% of the excess generation at Rs. 3 per kWh) with the declared CUF being no less than 17% over the course of the year.
With the announcement of the final version of the guidelines, we can expect the RfS for the projects to be released soon. The release from MNRE can be read in its entirety here.
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