Solar Plant Performance data for March 2014 released by MNRE

After a gap of one month, MNRE has released the performance of plants commissioned under JNNSM for March 2014. The data for February 2014 is not available. As usual, the solar plants are under 4 categories – RPSSGP, JNNSM Phase 1- Batch 1, Phase 1 – Batch 2 and Migration projects. The performance data for March 2014 and for the previous months are given below. (Please click on the images to enlarge them)
JNNSM Phase 1-Batch 1
JNNSM Phase 1-Batch 2 JNNSM P1 B2
JNNSM – Migration Projects Migration


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1 thought on “Solar Plant Performance data for March 2014 released by MNRE”

  1. It is encouraging to see that the solar PV power plants are exporting a decent amount of electricity into the grid. There are quite a bit of differences in the numbers for various companies though. Some are much better than others. I can guess what the reasons might be but what are the actual reasons? Could you shed some light on that?

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