REC Trading – May 2014 – Solar trading posts gains while non-solar dips

The REC trading session for the month – May 2014 concluded today. Last month witnessed significant falls in trading in both solar and non-solar RECs. While the non-solar REC traded volumes fell by about 63% this month, the traded volume of solar RECs almost doubled compared to last month’s numbers increasing by about 114%.

The boost in solar REC trading augurs well for the solar industry which is dire need of positive news on the RPO/REC front. The need of the hour is more stringent RPO enforcement which could help further the industry and boost investor confidence. However it is imperative keep in mind that the REC guidelines are scheduled to lapse in 2017 with no announcement as yet on the future of the RPO/REC market.

Both Solar and non-solar RECs continue to be traded at their floor price of Rs. 9,300 and Rs.1,500 per REC respectively.

Solar REC


Non-Solar REC


REC Inventory
Details of last month’s trading can be accessed here.

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2 thoughts on “REC Trading – May 2014 – Solar trading posts gains while non-solar dips”

  1. REC scheme is becoming non attractive day by day. The purchase liability is on annual basis and every one is trying to postponing the purchase to last quarter of financial year which is logical financial decision for the utilities. the RECs of April 2013 are yet to be sold out. With steep hike in numbers issued in last 3-4 months, CERC may have to extend the life of RECs to 3 years. We hope that the new Minister of Power will look into the problem.

  2. And the floor price of RECs is also a big issue. At the current prices of solar PV, obligated entities would rather put up the solar PV plant themselves rather than buy expensive RECs.
    That is MSEB’s official stance as well and the 125 MWp plant tha they have built at Sakri is proof of that.
    – Prashant.

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